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Hello, I'm Neal. I am a software engineer and entreprenuer who solves product, growth, and engineering problems with technology. I will help you build and grow your web or mobile product.

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Answering Your Questions

What technology do you work with?

Programming languages and frameworks are tools to accomplish a goal. I will work with you to determine the best tool for your goals. Ruby on Rails, React, and Angular have been good choices for recent projects.

What have you accomplished previously?

I have shipped world-class software for top companies like thoughtbot, Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll), ZURB and I have raised venture capital from top investors. I have spoken at conferences all around the world about software and consulting. I have consulted for companies throughout North America on engineering, product, and growth.

What sets you apart?

On one hand, I'm an engineer who thinks deeply about product and growth problems. On the other, I'm a product and growth guy with a deep technical background. I believe that having an engineering background (and the coding chops to back it up) gives me the strong analytical background necessary to help take product and growth to the next level.


Your partner

You can think of me as a partner. I will help you with more than just what's in the contract to help you be successful. I go above and beyond the call of duty.

Process sharing

I hand off more than just project deliverables. Using what I've learned from working with top companies, I share best practices and processes that will help your organization for years to come.

Driven by design and data

When tackling a new problem, I start by designing a solution and continually collect quantitative data and qualitative feedback to iterate.

Focus on what matters

Focus fosters success. I separate the signal from the noise to focus on what will make you most successful.